January 19, 2014

I wish it is you under the covers
Keeping me warm. 
I wish you are the covers 
Keeping me safe.
In this January cold
Nothing is sure
Not even darkness
Especially not darkness. 
Be the faint light I leave on
Throughout the night
Smoothing the edges of fear
Putting me to sleep
Comforting me.
The shadows look better
On the walls than around me.
That faint light
It follows me to my dreams
Still keeping me safe
Through the dark tunnel of sleep.
So faint, that light
So faint at the end of the tunnel
That I can see the silhouette of Who is casting you.

It’s a great morning to be alive
Knowing that you defeated your monsters at night.

I did start to wonder
I may not need you to truly be happy after all.

(Am officially in the woodwind section of the orchestra, though our instruments are made from either metal or plastic.)

Woohoo! Rejoice, rejoice, and I say, rejoice. First practice went well. :) Thank the Lord; from the start until now, this flute has proven to be such a blessing.

The ultimate Lady Seeking A Great Perhaps backpack contains:

- My ladybug Bible

- A compass

- A magnifying glass

- My planner

- Tons of M&G pens

- My Reader

- A camera

- A small glass jar of silver dust

- iPod

- My flute

- A map of the world

I’m joining Grace Orchestra tomorrow! :) It’s a blessing to have another reason to improve. Praise the Lord for opportunities that I don’t let pass by me. Haha!

Things to do INNNNN SUMMMMMMEEEEEER! (Hope you got the Frozen reference):

  • Read: Casual Vacancy, Jane Eyre, Wide Sargasso Sea, Julius Caesar, Mrs. Dalloway, The Book Thief, The Cuckoo’s Calling, To Kill A Mockingbird
  • Read aloud aloud. I need to learn not to flinch everytime I hear my own voice.
  • Teach myself how to dance. It’s a freedom of expression. :) Someday I’ll need it.
  • Teach myself how to cook. Learn how to cook, come to think of it.
  • Mind palace really needs to be a mind palace. Construction is in order
  • I really need to memorize the periodic table. Really really.
  • Also mental math.
  • Poemsy poeeeeems. A Lit Major is born! 
  • I just really want to be great at English
Watching (500) Days of Summer. Again. I am emotional. Again.

I may be your sun
But someone else will give you flowers
and beautiful weather
And different shades of leaves summer cannot.
If it still does not work after that
And winter’s a lonely time to be by yourself
Keep on waiting;
Soon someone will bring you birds that sing
Trees a lush of green
Flowers gently waking up
And dark, heavy clouds subsiding.
You don’t have to turn on that light anymore
Because from your windows, you’ll see
The dawn, the sun rising
Melting every haunted memory away
Making everything new again
Making you new again.
She’ll bring you
more than
What summer and fall can offer
More than what I or anyone can offer
And she’ll melt
every sadness of winter away.
She will be the most beautiful thing you’ll ever see.

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”
Mark Twain  (via lexophil)